Entry deadline extended to the 25th of April 2017

To enter your horse(s) for the Otley Show 2017, please select a button below which corresponds to the number of horses you want to enter.
You will then be presented with an online form and details to make your payment via PayPal.

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Price per entry is £8
An additional fee of £3 will be added for postage and contribution to paramedic cover.

Enter Your Horse

PLEASE NOTE! Only Horse Boxes and Trailers will be allowed into the Horsebox Park and the appropriate Pass must be affixed and clearly displayed on the windscreen. No private vehicle will be allowed access.
An entry fee of £8.00 entitles exhibitors to ONE Admission ticket and ONE Vehicle pass ONLY. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO, PLEASE ORDER ADDITIONAL TICKETS IF REQUIRED.
In making these Entries, I declare the above Exhibits are my bona-fide property and I agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the above Show.